Answered By: Kate Britt
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To figure out where a book is located in the Law Library, you need to know the Location and Call Number.

  • The Location tells you what building or area the book is in.
    • e.g., books in Smith are in the general stacks of the Underground Library, while books in Annex are in the closed stacks.
  • The Call Number is like an address, read from left to right, that pinpoints where the book is located in that area.
  • Find the Location in the table at the bottom of this map.
    • Then look for the call number range that corresponds to your desired book. This will point you to the floor and wing of the Underground Library.
      • e.g., Smith KF3467 would be on Sub-2 West.
    • Use the maps to find the area of that floor/wing where the book is located.

If you need help, visit the Information Desk on Sub-1. 

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