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An explanation of the document numbering system used for the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and for the World Trade Organization (WTO) documents and sources is found in the WTO Guide to Documentation (Ref Coll K4610.A12 W67x).

Physical WTO Resources

Electronic WTO Resources

  • WTO Statistics -- provides access to trade and tariff data.
  • WTO Documents Online -- official WTO documentation, including agreements, dispute settlement reports, and other legal texts, from 1995 to present. Also contains selected GATT & Uruguay Round texts from 1986-present.
  • WTO Dispute Settlement -- gateway to material on: Disputes in general, and how they are handled in the WTO and its Dispute Settlement Body; Negotiations on the Dispute Settlement Understanding; and Individual dispute cases. Full-text WTO dispute settlement cases, including panel, appeal and arbitration rulings.
  • WTO Trade Policy Reviews -- official website that contains full text of WTO trade policy reviews since 1995.

GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) is a multilateral treaty that governs the trade relations of signatory countries. GATT came into force in 1947. 

  • GATT Documents Online 1946-2000. Documents are in various formats (HTML, PDF, etc). 
  • Basic Instruments and Selected Documents 2003-2010 (SMITH K4610 .W662 2003x). Contains many of the basic GATT materials (the treaty, decisions of dispute settlement panels, etc.). 
  • GATT documents are available on microfiche (MICRO-10 S206). Indexed in annual volumes (Microform Room Books G326 A27d and G326 A27Li).
    • Documents issued 1947-1983 are arranged by document number. Some docs may be on Microfilm and not Fiche - check The MLaw Library Catalog.
    • Documents issued since 1984 are arranged by fiche number.
  • BNA's International Trade Reporter 1984-2009 (SMITH KF1975.A8 I58x) It is also on Lexis.
  • See 41 ILM 746 (2002) for a copy of the “New GATT Treaty."
  • The Law Library has a List & Index of Documents Issued (JZ5185 .G46) for 1981-1994.

Agreements - Most agreements are comprehensively published in:

  • Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS) (SMITH KZ235.32 .U55x) To obtain a TIAS number, look in the most current Treaties in Force Index (REF COLL KZ 1301 .U53x ) under entries for "General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade" and "Trade & Commerce." 
  • Status of WTO Legal Instruments (SMITH K4610.A23 W792x) Lists parties to the agreements and any reservations. 
  • Documents Index 1954-1981 (RESERVE K 4609.5 .G46x) Lists documents issues by series symbols. 
  • UNTS (United Nations Treaty Series) (SMITH KZ172 .T74; HeinOnline) Publishes all documents registered with the United Nations or filed by non-member states or international organizations. 
  • United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST) (STACKS JX8 9 U58.3 A; KZ235.3 .U55; HeinOnline) Permanent official treaty series which culminates and replaces the TIAS. Arranged in consecutive TIAS order, each volume has an index by subject and country. 
  • Lexis (GATT Panel & WTO Dispute Settlement Reports)
  • Westlaw (WTO & GATT Panel Decisions) 

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